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5 Most Important Safe Riding Tips For Rainy Season

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2016 4:38 pm
by lonewolf
Your bike has a number of parts which you need to take care of so we will discuss a couple of tips which you can follow:
  • The most important of all the is to get your bike serviced timely. You would never want your bike to stall in heavy rains so better not miss routine servicing and check-ups.
  • The next most crucial part of your bike is the brakes which should be in good condition. Worn out pads or liners reduce the efficiency of the brakes and can lead to disaster. If your bike has drum brakes, get them cleaned from the inside and also replace the brake shoes/pads. For disc brakes do get the discs checked and also verify the level of brake oil.
  • After talking about brakes, it’s the tyres which play a very important role. You cannot use bald or worn out tyres in monsoons, so if the rubber is worn off, get the tyres replaced. The treads on a tyre provide grip and disperse water so make sure the treads are deep enough and are not only in the centre position but on the sides as well. A minimum of 2-3 mm of tread depth is necessary.
  • Tyre pressure also makes a big difference when driving on wet surface so regularly check the tyre pressure and we recommend keeping it a little less than the recommended Tyre pressure (PSI) levels in dry conditions.
  • Lubricate all the necessary hinges and levers so that they move freely