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    Congratulations mods.... !

  • General discussion or Question related to IBR, motorcycles, travelling, gear etc.

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    We can try Reise trailR dual-purpose tires, heard many good reviews on the same

  • All chapter specific events like meets, rides, community service, g2g etc. can be found here

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    Updates on Dehradun and Mumbai merchant items. March month rides Planning and discussion. March month events discussions. Do’s and Don’t’s Discussions.

    Time:- 8.30AM

    Venue:- IBR Dhaba

  • Bulletiapa is a form of IBR Megameet that was first organized by the Udaipur Chapter in Udaipur in 2013. The first meet was named Desert Meet. Since then all chapter members of IBR meets every year. The 2014 Megameet was named Bulletiapa which Bangalore retained in 2015. Core members collectively decided to rename Megameet to Bulletiapa going forward.

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    List of event winners

    Tug of war Hyderabad Bangalore Assembly wars Winner- Bhilwara 7.58 mins Sunil Rohan Runner-up - Udaipur 9.02 mins Monu Aamir Beer guzzling Winner - Phani Hyderabad
    2. Runner-up - Kritesh bhilwara Obstacles race

    Winner - Dev udaipur 1.02 min
    Runner -  monu udaipur 1.06 min
    3rd - Rohan bilwara 1.06 min

    Dirt track

    Winner - Rohan bhilwara 55.21 sec
    Runner - Rajath Delhi 56.28 sec
    3rd Vijay - 56.75 sec

    Couples event Amit & Nupur Hyderabad Ladies event Nupur Hyderabad Special trophy Kritesh Nirmal Bhilwara Biker of the year Udaipur - Sanjay paneri Durgapur - Ashish bhattacharya Delhi - puviyarasan Ahmedabad - akash yadav Hyderabad - bhupendra singh fougdar Bangalore - Abhishek ghai
  • Chapter Runner is an internal IBRMC riding event, strictly meant for IBR members only. Under this, a contender (also known as chapter runner) will have to cover all IBR recognized chapters in a span of 1 year.​

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    All IBRMC members who have successfully completed Chapter Runner

    Rider Name Year Chapter Akram Khan 2017 Hyderabad Sandeep Yadav 2017 Delhi NCR Saai Prasan 2017 Hyderabad Gajendra Singh 2018 Jaipur Sudhir Nanjappa 2018 Bangalore Ajas Anjillath 2018 Bangalore Vaibhav Yadav 2018 Delhi NCR Raunaq Singh 2018 Delhi NCR Renniesh Philip 2018 Bangalore Jatin Gandhi 2018 Udaipur Lee Nolan 2018 Delhi NCR Koppira Darshan Ayanna 2018 Bangalore Amit Satsangi 2018 Hyderabad Mahesh Kemkar 2018 Bangalore
  • Other Events not conducted or hosted by IBR and usually tagged as external events

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    Here is the drive link for the photos from BOBMC taken by MadBulls Photographers


  • Frequently asked questions. Every member should refer to it on a regular basis.

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    Who are Chapter Mods? Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities Coordinates (or delegate rights)all events and rides for a specific chapter Maintain Chapter specific events Facilitate weekly / periodic meets The main point of contact for IBR Merchandises Recommends existing members for next IBR Ranks Have a final saying during conflict resolution Participate actively in the membership cancellation process Administer chapter-specific Facebook and WhatsApp groups Become part of the IBR Core Planning Commission WhatsApp group Selection process and appointment For established chapters, the minimum tenure should be at least 1 year with IBR (registration date is considered). For a newly formed chapter, the selection is done by Planning Commission members Should be senior member. Exceptions to be reviewed joined by Core Committee Appointed as Chapter mods during the Bulletiapa event The recommendation should come from the current chapter heads. However, there should be a collective discussion with senior members before a decision is made Expulsion / Removal of Chapter Head The decision will be made by Planning Commission members in consultation with Core Committee members of the chapter Will be replaced with another senior member as active Chapter Mod until the official appointment Will lose all rights of Chapter Mod
  • Blogs, travelogues, guides or other useful information posted by individual members

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    And then I saw Him Travelogue - - Part 11

    As I revved up my motorcycle and set off towards Pandrimalai, little did I know that I was in for an unforgettable encounter. The road stretched out before me, winding through lush forests and serene countryside, untouched by the hustle and bustle of modern life.

    As I rode deeper into the wilderness, I soon discovered the true allure of this hidden route. It wasn't long before I came face to face with a sight that left me speechless - a mighty Indian Gaur, standing just 10 meters away from me.

    Time seemed to stand still as we locked eyes, both mesmerized by the unexpected encounter. The sheer size and presence of the magnificent animal left me in awe, as I watched it peacefully grazing amidst the dense jungle.

    After a few moments of silent admiration, I reluctantly moved on, leaving the majestic creature to its tranquil surroundings. As I continued my journey, I couldn't help but reflect on the rare and extraordinary experience I had just witnessed.

    Now I understand why this road remains so untouched, hidden away from the crowds. It's not just about the scenic beauty or the winding trails, but the chance encounters with nature's wonders that make it truly special.

    With a newfound appreciation for the untamed wilderness, I waved goodbye to the mighty Gaur and pressed on towards Pandrimalai, knowing that this journey would be etched in my memory forever.


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