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IBRMC_INDORE - MTR Ride - Choral Dam Mhow - 07 Jan 24

  • Ride starts with short notice ahead of next week ride of kawadia hills. It was raining and shivering cold but Choral ki chai samosa ki talab aisi ki nikal gaye baris main. But its again proved that we have to came out of our comfort zone rest nature will support.

    Meeting point - Guru Kripa, Rau Circle.



    Choral Dam is a hidden gem that will definitely provide you with quietness and tranquility. Constructed around the backwaters of River Narmada, Choral Dam is replete with cool and clear water.


    Approx. 60 K.M. from Indore perfect place for day out picnic. Old tea and samosa is now named as GOLU TEA STALL. Mouth buttering samosa and bhajia.


    A large number of lush green trees and small hills surround the place making it even more attractive.



    The clear blue water, lush green trees and the endless cloudy sky provides a great backdrop to have a picnic. You can sit by this enchanting water body with your feet dangling in the cool water and enjoy a scrumptious meal in the lap of nature. The picturesque beauty and palatable food will be a perfect way to relax and enjoy tranquility.





    मिलते है अगले एतवार कवडीया पहाड़ी से पूरी टीम के साथ .....

    ज्वालामुखी विस्फोट से निर्मित पथरीले स्तम्भो से धातुओ के समान ध्वनि भी निकलती है । हिन्दू पौराणिक कथाओ के अनुसार महाबली भीम के द्वारा नर्मदा नदी के प्रवाह की दिशा एक दिन में नापने संबधी वचन को पूर्ण करने के लिए इन प्रस्तर खम्बो का निर्माण किया था जो महाबली भीम पूर्ण नहीं कर पाये थे ।

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