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IBRMC Hyderabad - “Himalayan Overlanders Mega Adventure (HOMA)" - “6th April - 21st April 2024”

  • Himalayan Overlanders Mega Adventure (HOMA)- 2024

    IBRMC Hyderabad - “Himalayan Overlanders Mega Adventure (HOMA)" - “6th April - 21st April 2024”

    Himachal - Fondly referred to as the 'Land of Gods', Himachal Pradesh is home to some of the renowned temples in the country. Himachal also boasts several beautiful lakes, such as the Dal Lake in Dharamshala, Suraj Tal near Keylong, and Prashar Lake in Mandi district. These lakes are not only scenic but also hold cultural and religious significance. In Himachal, the landscape is very interesting and there is endless variety to charm the eye. But nothing can compare to the majestic mountain passes. These passes are locally known as Jots and La. We will be covering most of the highest Himalayan Passes in Himachal pradesh, Kashmir and Ladakh region.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Considering that this ride is not for the faint hearted as it covers high altitude and treacherous passes, the below criteria are set by the organizers for you to be eligible for this ride -

    • Must be an active rider in last couple of years

    • ADV bike is preferred

    • Riders should be mentally, physically and emotionally fit

    • Your Bike should be properly maintained otherwise there are high chances of breakdowns in such terrains.

    • Riders should have experience of riding at high altitude in very harsh climate conditions and low oxygen.

    Tentative Ride Budget: 60,000/- (Inclusions: Petrol, accommodation, food, flight tickets, etc.)
    Exclusions(above cost does not include): Bike maintenance and your personal expenses.

    Ride Host: Raaghave Sood (@raaghave)
    If interested, please reach out to Ride Host to know availability.

    • Event Details:
    • Event Type: Mega Adventure
    • Event Date: 06th April to 21st April.
    • Reporting Location: Delhi
    • Disperse Location: Delhi
    • Destination: Himachal, Ladakh, Kashmir.
    • Accommodation Type: Shared Tent/ shared rooms
    • Expected KMs to be covered: 4000+ km’s

    Ride Itinerary:

    • Day 1: Delhi to Jwala Ji Shaktipeeth - 450+ km’s

    • Day 2: Jwala Ji to Killar via Sach Pass - 300+ km’s - (if Sach pass is open)
      Jwala Ji to Kishtwar via Patnitop - 275+ km’s

    • Day 3: Killar to Tandi - 120+ km’s (via Udaipur)
      Kishtwar to Tandi - 250+ Km’s (via killar)

    • Day 4: Tandi to Padum - 200+ km’s (via Shinku La, Gumbok Ranjan).

    • Day 5: Padum to Pensila to Padum - 150+ km’s (via Drang Drung glacier view point)

    • Day 6: Padum sightseeing

    • Day 7: Padum to Lamayuru - 160+ km’s (via lingshed, Sirsirla)

    • Day 8: Lamayuru to Pangong Lake - 320+ km’s (via changla (if changla pass is open))
      Lamayuru to Hanle - 360+ km’s (via Upshi, Mahe, Nyoma)

    • Day 9: Pangong to Hanle - 175+ km’s (via Chushul)
      Sightseeing in Hanle

    • Day 10: Hanle to UmlingLa to Hanle - 150+ km’s

    • Day 11: Hanle to Tso Moriri - 160+ km’s

    • Day 12: Tso Moriri to Jispa - 320+ km’s (via Debring, Pang)

    • Day 13: Jispa to Patiala - 400+ km’s (via Manali)

    • Day 14: Patiala to Delhi - 230+ km’s
      Will we start on 6th april from Delhi. And will be back by 21st april. (Including 2 days buffer)

    Things to carry

    • Warm Clothes (Woolen Clothes & Warm Inners)
    • DOCUMENTS: (No Exceptions)
    • RC book/card
    • Driving License
    • Bike Insurance
    • PUC

    RIDING GEARS (No Exceptions):

    • Full Face Helmet
    • Riding Jacket or Any thick jacket with elbow guard - (No Body Armor(Rynox) with Jersey allowed)
    • Riding Pants or Jeans with knee guards
    • Riding Gloves
    • Riding Boots (NO SPORTS SHOES/Casual shoes)

    BIKE SPARES: (Applicable for Overnight to be carried by each individuals)

    • Throttle Cable
    • Clutch Cable
    • Clutch and Throttle Levers
    • Spark Plug
    • Tyre Tubes - Front + Back
    • Tool Kit, Complete set of Spanner, Ring Spanner, LNKEY - Mandatory
    • Duplicate Keys
    • Fuse (as per bike requirements)
    • Chain Link
    • Chain Lube
    • Wires
    • Jumper Cables for Jumpstarting (Optional - Good to have)
    • Insulation Tape

    Please reach out to ride coordinators/mods if you have any questions.
    IBRMC Hyderabad

  • Interested

  • I am in.

  • Himalayan Overlanders Mega Adventure (HOMA)- 2024

  • that sounds lovely. however, I recommend you check road conditions to avoid any spoiler alerts. usually April is not the month to do this circuit as it opens around end of may/June.

  • Ash bhai…yes you are absolutely spot on regarding road conditions in the month of April.
    We are taking chances here…🙂
    It will be an aimless wandering ride in the Himalayas with zanskar and hanle being priority ones.
    Rest all are a bonus.
    Where ever roads leads us we ride in that way.

  • We have successfully completed Himalayan Overlanders Mega Adventure 2024.
    Our ride had no fixed plan and did several circuits on the fly in the Himalayas.

    Circuit 1: Gurgaon-Chandigarh-Keylong-Shinku La-Kargyak-Padum.
    Circuit 2: Padum -Lingshed-Singe La-Sirsir La-Photoksar-Leh
    Circuit 3: Leh-Khardung La-Hunder-Diskit-Thoise-Turtuk-Hunder
    Circuit 4: Hunder-Agham-Shyok-Durbuk-Lukung-Maan-Merak
    Circuit 5: Merak-Chushul-Rezang La-Loma-Hanle
    Circuit 6: Hanle-Chisumle Bridge-Fotila-Umling La-Norbu La- Hanle
    Circuit 7: Hanle- Loma-Nyoma-Mahe-Chumathang-Leh.

    These circuits were planned on the fly and one can merge few circuits.

    In this HOMA Madness, we rode through Snow, Frozen roads, Cold Deserts, River beds, Awesome black top twisties, Gravel, and god knows what other terrains we rode through.

    A more detailed travelogue is on the cards by Raaghav and Dheeraj. Until then stay tuned and watch out for our insta updates now and then.


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