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Bombay Chapter | Overnight ride | 11-May-2024

  • 🌞 IBR Mumbai Overnight Ride Alert! 🏍🌴


    Get ready for an exciting overnight ride adventure to Karjat at Pratiksha Farms! 🌿 Let's embrace the summer vibes and chill under the starry sky with good company, great food, and lots of fun! 🌙

    Location Details:
    📍 Pratiksha Farms, Karjat
    🗺Google Maps Location

    Accommodation: AC dormitory for a comfortable stay.

    Food & Drinks:

    • Lunch on 11th May
    • High tea
    • Dinner
    • Breakfast on 12th May

    🏁 Day 1:

    • Departure from the city at 8 AM
    • Breakfast stop between Navi Mumbai and Karjat
    • Arrival at the venue by 11-12 AM

    🌅 Day 2:

    • Enjoy breakfast together
    • Start the journey back home refreshed and energized

    Remember to bring your own booze for a relaxed evening! 🍻 Let's make this overnight ride an unforgettable experience filled with brotherhood, laughter, and summer vibes! ☀

    Cautionary Notice:
    Requesting you all to come with complete riding gears for safely. No exceptions allowed.

    #IBROvernightRide #SummerRide #KarjatAdventure #Brotherhood #Aando

    See you all there, ready to ride and unwind! 🏍🌴


  • The 40', salty wet ride..

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    🏍️ NIGHT THUMP RIDE (NTR) - A Grand Saga! 🌙


    A roaring shoutout to each one of you who made the Night Thump Ride (NTR) on 9-Mar-2024 an unforgettable adventure! 🤘🔥

    🌟 Your punctuality at the meeting point kicked off the night on a stellar note. Despite a few bumps, the ride got stronger as we rode shoulder to shoulder through the vibrant Palm Beach Road.

    🚀 Kaushik, your timing at NMMC point was impeccable, and Chinten, your guidance led us seamlessly through the journey. The straight stretch on JNPT highway was a pure adrenaline rush for all the ride enthusiasts.

    🌌 As we reached the URAN helipad, the dark beach and the calming breeze made the stop worthwhile. A shoutout to all for the camaraderie, smoke breaks, and capturing moments before we geared up for the After Dark Dinner at "The Gazebo Dhabba."

    🍽️ The special meal platter, inclusive of various meats and fish, was a culinary delight, made even more special by our brother Pratik's unexpected presence.

    🏁 Finally, as we dispersed to our abodes, we marked the end of a fantastic Night Thump Ride, leaving us craving for more such thrilling experiences together.

    🤜🤛 Here's to the spirit of riding in unity and brotherhood. Until the next adventure, let's keep the engines roaring!

    #HailIBR 🏍️🌌

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    What a Sunday morning it was.
    Old school biker feeling.
    Some pics

    273A5F79-1A9B-4E62-917D-29F5D11E5B84.jpeg IMG_8215.jpeg IMG_8212.jpeg IMG_8209.jpeg IMG_8206.jpeg IMG_8200.jpeg IMG_8083.jpeg

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    congrats @zahirjaipury

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