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Sunday MTR | Bombay Chapter | Monthly meet | 30-Jun2024

  • 🏍️ # Sunday MTR (Movie Thump Ride) Meet 🏍

    Date: Sunday, 30-Jun-2024
    Time: Meet at 9:30 AM
    Location: Cinepolis, Viviana Mall, Thane


    • Meet and Greet
    • Enjoy a great time chit chatting
    • Embrace the new monsoon weather
    • Discuss the next ride plan: MER (Monsoon Endurance Ride)
    • Watch the movie: The Bikeriders (Showtime: 9:40 AM)
    • Lunch and then dispersal

    Please plan accordingly. We need maximum participation with club colours and vests.

    Let's make this Sunday a memorable one!

    Badass Bikers
    #SundayMTR #MovieThumpRide #IBRBrotherhood #HailIBR


  • This movie would have been fun with few rounds of beer. Unfortunately its too early in the morning.
    We should carry Old Monk ka chapti in our vest pockets. 👽 😳 😁

  • My take on The BikeRider

    I loved the cinematography. Its got a nice 70-80's movie touch to it.
    Kathy - excellent acting, specially her accent. Frankly I won't know which part of America that accent belongs to, but that was so natural and matter of fact.
    Film wallows in denims and leather cuts. It traverses through the natural course of metamorphose that happens to any good idea or rebellions. It seldom evolves into a better version and usually get's fucked up. 
    But then, that's why we probably are all bunched together. To either get fucked up together or fucked out alone.
    4 out of 5 stars from me (extra 1.5 stars for all the Harleys)

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