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Chase the Monsoon

Moved Mumbai
  • Its that time of the year where we are supposed to get drenched in the rains and for some reason, the rain gods have dissappeared.
    So Mumbai Riders will ride to the place where the rains are stuck and get them back to the city

    A simple ride plan to visit a destination less than 200 kms from Mumbai (2 locations shortlisted)

    Stay is not booked yet but there are options there that are very basic with food and shelter and a good view (if we have good amount of riders we will book it)

    We start on 6th July Sat Morning from Airoli/Vashi, hit the Bom-Goa highway NH17, enjoy the amazing views and weather, reach the location for lunch and explore.
    Stay overnight at one of the homestays and return back on Sunday 7th July post break fast

    Pls add your names below, if you are interested to explore something new

    1. Phil
    2. Abhijit
    1. Phil
    2. Abhijit
    3. Sumit
  • sajeeshS sajeesh moved this topic from Multi Chapter Event
    1. Phil
    2. Abhijit
    3. Sumit
    4. Lakshya
    1. Phil
    2. Abhijit
    3. Sumit
    4. Lakshya
    5. Shainoj
  • Phil

    1. Phil
    2. Abhijit
    3. Sumit
    4. Lakshya
    5. Shainoj
    6. Shoveik
    7. Aniket
  • This would be a fun ride.
    Guys. We are planning for an off-beat location deep in the heart of Shayadri's. So don't be bothered with all the rains, murk and gilli chaddis.
    Get read to get wet and ride hard

  • @TheOne Tu sweater and monkey cap leke jaaa... thand lag jayegi tere ko geeli chaddi mei.

  • @Lonewolf
    Saale. Sweater theek hai. I don't wear monkey cap. Muffler lunga 😀

  • Ride Itinerary:

    Day 1 - Saturday: 20th July - Onwards to Palm Beach Road
    7:00 AM: Meet-up at Mumbai Palace (Thane Belapur Road)
    7:30 AM: Briefing & Ride Shoot
    9:00 AM: Breakfast (Vadhkal Naka)
    Will take breaks as per need. ( Chai / Sutta / Rain / Sussu / Breakdown )
    11:30 AM: Reach our destination

    Look out for stay in one of the homestays on the plateau
    Settle down and then explore rest of the location
    Lunch at homestay or village
    Evening chill out and enjoy the awesome weather

    21st July Sunday
    10 AM: Shoot out post breakfast
    Stop for lunch at one of the dhabas on NH17

    Things to carry*
    Either a bedsheet or your sleeping bag
    Torch or LED Lantern
    Your personal health and hygiene supplies

    Ride Requirements:
    DOCUMENTS: (No Exceptions)
    RC book/card
    Driving License
    Bike Insurance

    RIDING GEARS (No Exceptions):
    Full Face Helmet
    Riding Jacket / Riding pants
    Riding Gloves (No cut gloves)
    Riding Boots

    BIKE SPARES: (To be carried by each individual as per their Bike Specifications).

    Throttle Cable
    Clutch Cable
    Clutch and Throttle Levers
    Spark Plug
    Tyre Tubes - Front + Back
    Tool Kit, Complete set of Spanner, Ring Spanner, LNKEY - Mandatory
    Duplicate Keys
    Fuse (as per bike requirements)
    Chain Link
    Chain Lube
    Jumper Cables for Jumpstarting (Optional - Good to have)
    Insulation Tape


    Full tank before ride start

  • @Philip
    Good one Philip. After a long time seeing the ride readiness list.
    I would add puncture kit to this list

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