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FAQ - IBRMC Events

  • Weekly Meets

    Anyone looking to join IBR should definitely join one of our weekly meets. This is a mandatory criteria to join us on long rides. It will also help you to get along with our members and understand them better.

    You should be a member of one or more chapter-specific Facebook groups in order to get weekly-meet notifications. Click here to join.

    Meets can be found here.

  • Official Rides

    Official Rides (except MTR and community service events) are open to only regular members (be regular on meets at least). All rides are self-sponsored and you may be required to give an initial boot-money to the ride captain to take care of your food bills en-route.

    Each member should strictly adhere to ride-captains instructions and plan. A rider may be asked to leave in case they are either not following the ride guidelines or not wearing appropriate riding gear.

    Rides can be found here.

  • BULLETIAPA - The IBRMC Megameet

    Bulletiapa is a form of IBR Megameet that was first organized by the Udaipur Chapter in Udaipur in 2013. The first meet was named Desert Meet. Since then all chapter members of IBR meets every year. The 2014 Megameet was named Bulletiapa which Bangalore retained in 2015. Core members collectively decided to rename Megameet to Bulletiapa going forward.

    Checkout all Bulletiapa events here

  • What Is MTR - Morning Thump Raga

    MTR is a 1-day breakfast-cum-lunch ride that is organized by each chapter at least once in 2 months. Below are some important points about MTR:

    This ride is open to all ranks. A good opportunity for new members to ride with IBR.

    • There is no max cap of participants.
    • The ride usually starts in the early morning and ends in the evening.
    • The ride usually ranges between 100-200 km.
    • This is a self-sponsored ride
    • Keep checking IBR events for more updates about these rides

    Things to remember:

    • Mandatory gears– No rider will be allowed to join this ride without the below-listed gears
    • Full face helmet
    • Riding pants, jeans, or cargos. No shorts, 3/4ths, track pants, etc.
    • Shoes and boots. No slippers, sandals, floaters, crocs etc.
    • Recommended by not mandatory gears –
    • Riding Armour jacket
    • Elbow and Knee Guard
    • Armour gloves
    • Riding shoes
    • Usually, the Ride captain asks for initial booting of money for breakfast and lunch. If you have issues with booting, please inform the ride captain/chapter mod in advance.
  • What Is Megadventure

    Megadventure was the caption-name of IBR’s maiden Leh-Ladakh ride in June 2009. Since then, all long group rides in IBR have been named accordingly. However, it is important to know what qualifies for a long ride to be tagged as Megadventure:

    • The ride should be for 10 days or more
    • The majority of the riders should be recognized, regular and active members. A multi-chapter composition is allowed
    • The riding kilometers should be a minimum of 1500
    • The ride itinerary and discussion should be posted on the IBR Facebook group or page at least 1 month before the ride start date
    • The ride should have strict criteria for member selection. The ride captain retains this decision
    • Open to only regular IBR members who are regular on meets
  • Chapter Runner

    Chapter Runner is an internal IBRMC riding event, strictly meant for IBR members only. Under this, a contender (also known as chapter runner) will have to cover all IBR recognized chapters in a span of 1 year.

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  • FAQ - Team IBRMC

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    Who are Chapter Mods? Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities Coordinates (or delegate rights)all events and rides for a specific chapter Maintain Chapter specific events Facilitate weekly / periodic meets The main point of contact for IBR Merchandises Recommends existing members for next IBR Ranks Have a final saying during conflict resolution Participate actively in the membership cancellation process Administer chapter-specific Facebook and WhatsApp groups Become part of the IBR Core Planning Commission WhatsApp group Selection process and appointment For established chapters, the minimum tenure should be at least 1 year with IBR (registration date is considered). For a newly formed chapter, the selection is done by Planning Commission members Should be senior member. Exceptions to be reviewed joined by Core Committee Appointed as Chapter mods during the Bulletiapa event The recommendation should come from the current chapter heads. However, there should be a collective discussion with senior members before a decision is made Expulsion / Removal of Chapter Head The decision will be made by Planning Commission members in consultation with Core Committee members of the chapter Will be replaced with another senior member as active Chapter Mod until the official appointment Will lose all rights of Chapter Mod
  • FAQ - IBR Merchandise

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    IBRMC Patches Qualification

    Same as qualification for Leather Vest. Chapter mods consult with the planning commission members.

    All exceptions will be handled by Chapter Mods and Planning Commission members.

    Rules Pertaining To Usage Of IBR Patches The front pocket patch should be stitched on the left chest The back will have 3 patterns INDIABULLRIDERS or IBRMC patch on top (around the shoulder) The big IBR logo patch in the middle Chapter Name patch at the bottom The patches can be stitched only on the below wearable: Leather vests – Black or dark brown Black-collared T-shirt or shirt Black round t-shirt Saddlebags (only backside 3 patters) Riding jacket

    Failing to comply with this rule may lead to strict action and/or membership expulsion

  • FAQ - IBRMC Membership

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    Membership Cancellation

    An IBR member will be removed from the club based on the below-mentioned process:

    Membership Definition Online Member – One who does not attend meets or rides and restricts activity only to IBR social media sites. Regular Member – One who attends meets and rides Removal Process

    Online member can be removed by Site Admin and/or Moderator

    Regular Member can be removed by Current and/or Ex Chapter mods of the region and no need to notify Planning Commission members.

    As a regular member, you may be removed if you:

    Do not adhere to the club’s rules. Disrespect IBR values. Have disciplinary issues. Indulge in external club activities more than IBR specific events. Join another club. Misuse IBR’s name, merchandise, or related stuff.

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