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Hyderabad 11th Anniversary meet 26th nov

  • IBRMC Hyderabad 11th Anniversary & BULLETIAPA 2023 Meet-up

    Bhailog, hope you are all doing great. We are gathering for our 11th year celebration at Kafteria.
    Please make sure you join us and celebrate our Anniversary. And also we will be doing our Bangalore 2023 Bulletiapa meet-up.
    Below are the points we will be discussing so we recommend who all are joining to Bulletiapa to be there.
    See you all soon at the Kafteria on 26th November from 4:00 pm till 8:00 pm

    1. 11th year Celebration
    2. About Bulletiapa
    3. Ride plan to Bulletiapa
    4. Events at Bulletiapa
    5. And much more
      Please add your names below
    6. Kamal
    7. Renny
    8. Raj
    9. Bharath
      5.Phani Reddy
    10. Hemu+1
    11. Prithvi Aka Chakri
    12. Rajiv Lahiri
    13. B. S. F
    14. Ashwin
      11 . G BHANU PRASAD
    15. Hari
    16. Venkat
    17. Siva Ranjan
    18. Raghav
    19. Ravi Bhargav
    20. Aditya
    21. Ravi Chaitanya
    22. Veera Dande
    23. Raviteja
    24. Vadi Vijay
    25. Ruby Roy
    26. Amit
    27. Sajeet

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