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    We can try Reise trailR dual-purpose tires, heard many good reviews on the same

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    Me! HDT customs or Carbon racing! Both are good. No alteration required on any cable.

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    Good show

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    @DJ - rightly said

    This is what IBR (India Bull Riders) calls an “Endurance ride”. Why “endurance” well the stats speak for themselves.

    If you wish and permit, can this be moved to the blog section with full write up copied/pasted and backlink to your blog site?

    PS: that youtube video you'd posted got copyrighted music.... as soon that video picksup, you will start getting strikes 😭

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    Before joining IBRMC, I was going through some tough spaces of life. Things started to change, I felt I was home. IBRMC gave me the feeling of not being alone and it gave me bunch of brothers whom I can never let go. These brothers have also helped me build my personality. I was earlier known as Ghadha Dhaari Bheem but later over a period of time, IBRMC and my brothers from another mother helped me become who I am now. IBRMC gave me purpose in life and it helped me a better person.

    Hail IBR

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