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Bulletiapa - Bangalore 2023

Pinned Bulletiapa
  • Bangalore is all set to welcome the madness 😍

    More updates on events planned coming shortly..

    #AanDo #BaaMagaChillMaadu

  • Bangalore bhailog.
    What an amazing event!!
    Its always a pleasure to visit ur city and rhe brotherhood that prevails there makes it more amazing.
    Thankyou for hosting us and giving us the top notch hospitality.
    Last three days will be cherished always.

    Congratulations to all the new CMs. Next year u guys have to get in more brothers to Udaipur.

    Udaipur all the very best for ur turn.
    Cant wait already to be der and make it happen all over again.

    Hail IBR

  • Folks...

    You can add Bulletiapa images and videos to the below facebook group album:

  • List of event winners

    Tug of war

    1. Hyderabad
    2. Bangalore

    Assembly wars

    Winner- Bhilwara 7.58 mins
    1. Sunil
    2. Rohan
    Runner-up - Udaipur 9.02 mins
    1. Monu
    2. Aamir

    Beer guzzling

    1. Winner - Phani Hyderabad
      2. Runner-up - Kritesh bhilwara

    Obstacles race

    Winner - Dev udaipur 1.02 min
    Runner -  monu udaipur 1.06 min
    3rd - Rohan bilwara 1.06 min

    Dirt track

    Winner - Rohan bhilwara 55.21 sec
    Runner - Rajath Delhi 56.28 sec
    3rd Vijay - 56.75 sec

    Couples event

    1. Amit & Nupur Hyderabad

    Ladies event

    1. Nupur Hyderabad

    Special trophy

    1. Kritesh Nirmal Bhilwara

    Biker of the year

    1. Udaipur - Sanjay paneri
    2. Durgapur - Ashish bhattacharya
    3. Delhi - puviyarasan
    4. Ahmedabad - akash yadav
    5. Hyderabad - bhupendra singh fougdar
    6. Bangalore - Abhishek ghai

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