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Mega Adventure Ride | Bombay Chapter | Sep 2024

  • Mega Adventure Ride - September 2024 (Himalayas calling …)

    🏍️ Bhidulog! 🏍

    Get ready for the ride of a lifetime! We are thrilled to announce our Mega Adventure Ride to the majestic Himalayas in September 2024! 🌄

    We will be conquering some of the most thrilling milestones:

    • Thang
    • Siachen View Point
    • Umling La

    And after this epic journey, we will head straight for our beloved club event, Bulletiappa! 🎉

    This ride promises breathtaking views, challenging terrains, and the ultimate brotherhood experience. Start preparing your machines and yourselves for this grand adventure.

    Stay tuned for more details and let's make this a ride to remember!

    #Himalayas2024 #Thang #Siachen #UmlingLa #Bulletiappa


  • Oho..., Delhi Riders are also planning to do from 30th Aug to Sep13. M.A to LEH Via Zanskar.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @srini2609
    What is Delhi ka plan?

    Even Bangalore and Ahmedabad are doing their MA in the Himalayas and it looks like at some point we would intersect. Pre Bulleltiapa party in the mountains 😀

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