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Off-Roading/Dual Purpose Tyres for Interceptor 650

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  • Hello Bretheren,
    This is my second query to the Brotherhood. The first one was about Handle Risers on Interceptor 650. It got satisfactorily answered and I did peruse a few different styles and brands of risers available in the market. Zana and Carbon Racing in particular have VERY high grade stuff made from Aircraft grade aluminum and at around ₹2k to ₹3k they are reasonably priced too. In the end I decided against buying them because the stock handle has felt okay even in the long 10 hour ride to Kausani last week. Nevertheless I did walk away wiser from the discussion about handle risers, here and on the Delhi Chapter whatsapp group. I guess that's the magic of a hive mind and IBR hub is very much that.
    Now to my query for the day. Off-Roading/Dual Purpose Tyres for Interceptor 650. How many of you have installed them? What brands? In addition to Ralco do we have any other options? That is one brand name I hear repeatedly when it comes to off-roading/dual purpose tyres for INT650. I have used Ralco on my Classic 500 in the past but despite having excellent grip, both in wet and dry conditions it doesn't last long. Once I did a 18 day tour of Ladakh, went in with brand new tyres and had to get a new set after coming back from the journey. Sadly Ralco does not have longevity as an attribute hence digging deeper for alternates if available. Otherwise good 'ol Ralco will have to do. I've seen quiet a few Interceptors (both Alloy and non Alloy versions) at the IBR Delhi Chapter and I'm assuming other chapters have an increasing number of Interceptors too therefore I'm hoping for a generous dose of advice from my MC family.
    That's all for now folks! Godspeed!
    Aando ❤

  • While riding RE, I always had the combination of - Ralco at rear and ceat in front. This was after changing through mulitple brands.
    Ralco may have a less longitivity and that's obvious with the kind of juice you can get out of it. Softer rubber will stick to the roads much better; thus prone to wear out earlier.

    I personally never liked (or had good time) with MRF. Ceat is far better.

    From a recommendation standpoint, try Timsum. Off late, may of our members used it and had good reviews. However, it logitivity is even lesser than Ralco.

  • We can try Reise trailR dual-purpose tires, heard many good reviews on the same

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