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    @DJ - rightly said

    This is what IBR (India Bull Riders) calls an “Endurance ride”. Why “endurance” well the stats speak for themselves.

    If you wish and permit, can this be moved to the blog section with full write up copied/pasted and backlink to your blog site?

    PS: that youtube video you'd posted got copyrighted music.... as soon that video picksup, you will start getting strikes 😭

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    IBRMC - This name would live on in our hearts for a lifetime.
    I stumbled upon this brotherhood when I was in a very dark place in my life. (It was 2:00am 😉 )
    The club which initially started as just a bunch of like-minded folks that loved a particular motorcycle and wanted to munch miles on it to find our adventure, meet on weekends to escape from our mundane lives to discuss motorcycles and forge new friendships developed into a much deeper bond without us even realising it.

    Many have come on this path and while most have found a reason to stay, a few that left us have always been spoken with fond memories hoping to meet them again in this crossroads of life.
    For the ones who've stayed, in the words of the great Dominic Toretto "This is mia familia"
    We have shared our happiness and sorrows with this family over countless pints and pegs knowing that we will stand by each other when that bat signal flashes in the sky.

    This bunch of misfits will continue to explore new adventures, create memories, have disagreements like spouses, (some even make up like spouses 😉 ) but we've come to realise that, this here, has become the reason of our existence.


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